Journal Club

We plan to re-organize journal clubs.  It is made as a module and all of us, the faculty members of AMC, have teacher privileges to it.

Temporary (restricted) teacher privilege shall be given to those students who are presenting articles in that month.  They would be able to upload their article, pose questions, launch discussion forums, conduct polls, invite others to attempt the quizzes, etc.  They themselves can evaluate and give credit to fellow students.  All these activities including grading shall be supervised and monitored by the concerned faculty member for that month.

So students shall get a chance to get familiarize with the teacher tools of Moodle, the free and open source Learning Resource Management Software.  We hope this will help in better understanding of the teaching-learning activity.

Each presenter can pose questions/conduct online short tests for their fellow students (this includes students from both batches of MPH, DPH students, visiting students, PhD Scholars, interested project staff, etc). A total of 10 marks can be given to each participant, six marks for the online tests prior to presentation or afterwards and four marks for active participation during the presentation. Absentees and those who are not answering questions should be given "zero" marks.  Presenters shall be evaluated by the concerned faculty member for that month and given marks out of 10. You are all advised to restrain from any sort of favoritism or bias to avoid interference from the faculty member, thereby compromising your own grades.

The accumulated credits for JC shall be considered as a documented evidence for your involvement with departmental activities and there is high probability that, in future, this shall be counted, along with many other parameters, for the selection of best outgoing students.

All the best

(This is just a draft and not yet finalized)